Digital Footprints Start Small But Grow Larger Over Time

Digital foot prints are a great asset for anyone  to have they start out small and through hard work and commitment  they grow into something great, something powerful, and something very influential, and  above all it is  something  that is 100% yours.  Anything you say or do online is there forever and can impact your future if you like it to or not make sure anything you do online you can own later. This week’s task for our weekly blog assignment in SMET class was to identify three strategies we would use when improving our digital footprint and how we would go about cleaning them up for the better.  You can find our assignment criteria at this link

Before attending class this week I will be the first to admit there wasn’t a lot of thought going into my online presence to this extent.  In the past my idea of a digital footprint was basically non-existent.  I knew what was done on the internet stayed on the internet forever in some way or another, but beyond that nothing.  Of course now I know just how important having a good digital footprint really is and I will be more conscious of content being posted as a result of this week’s classes and what we have learned.  A common misconception some people have is the internet is all doom and gloom, these same people frown on the idea of a digital footprint.  However that is not ideal times are changing, the internet is becoming more a part of our lives on a daily basis then some would like.  A digital footprint can work to your advantage if presented and maintained properly.

Moving along there are a number of things that could be done in order to maintain or rebuild a digital footprint.  When looking at mine I would hope it is all good however little things like playing slotomania or poker on your Facebook account can even effect how a potential employer may perceive you and I play a lot of poker on Facebook.  I guess the first stage in my plan to clean up was to clear all instances of poker and slotomania from my main Facebook profile then create an alternate profile without a picture for myself and my poker buddies specifically, this will still allow me to get my poker fix on Facebook without having it come through on my main Facebook page.  Going through my time line and taking out miscellaneous pictures I’ve been tagged in or drunken party pictures are a must.  In doing this I would be taking back control of the content being viewed on my profile and making it more professional.  Maintaining this would prove to be a challenge initially because my friends like to tag me in random pictures which may not be relevant and can affect my professional image.  Locking down my Facebook profile and staying on top of it is definitely a key to success.

Google searching myself could become just as valuable or vice versa depending on how you look at it. Preferably I want myself to come up in the top two or three pages in a Google search  because  they are the most viewed when employers screen this way.  I wouldn’t want to be mistaken for someone else who could have a worse reputation then I do, or worse have the employer think I’m hiding something because of a mishap eg. The employer assuming I was someone else and showing up to an interview based on online screening only.  To make sure my name comes up on the top of the list or close to the top on a Google searches I will tag myself in everything I do online from this point on.  Also every post I have online will link my online digital footprints together to make one large fully operational footprint that I can be proud of.

Lastly Twitter is an amazing tool  I have started using it this semester in college.  Twitter has just as much potential as any other social media tool used for a digital foot print.  However, it is also probably the most dangerous of all if not used properly.  On most social media platforms you have the ability to lock your profile down but with twitter everything is completely open and can be seen by anyone whom is following an individual or a brand, thus you are forced to become more aware of what is being posted.  This is a scary thought if you think about it.  Twitter can be used to put yourself out there I have mine linked to almost everything I do online.  To avoid bad reputation  I will continue to keep an eye on what I’m posting and what my followers are posting it’s all relevant.   I believe using a combination of blogging and tweeting my name will be at the top of the Google search which ultimately is my main goal.

Putting these strategies into effect will essentially clean up my digital footprint and make it bigger and better than ever.  This week’s classes were a huge eye opener.  The way I think about the internet and the concept of digital footprint will never be the same.  If nothing else I have learned just how easy it is for others to access the information on myself via the internet and just how important it is to stay on top of your name out there, to make sure potential employers and anyone else searching you for that matter can only see what you want them to see.

I look forward to keeping you posted until next time bye for now, hope you had a good weekend!