More Social Media Tools and Effective use of them

Hello everyone, I’m back again. This is my weekly class blog for week 7.   It’s hard to believe we are already done half  of our semester. This week we continued to learn about new platforms for social media and how they were used.  When I think business and social media, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Email come to mind.  These facilitators are only a small piece of what can be used to achieve greatness. The topic at hand is simply to identify a fresh prospective on two or more social media tools that have not come into play yet for previous topics and talk about how they change the face of business.    As always you can find the topic we are given as well as the guidelines given at

Looking further into the world of social media and how it has helped business I can think of a few tools off hand that would help establish or assist in maintaining a professional image for your business. The first tool that comes to mind would have to be Pinterest. With Pinterest a user is exposed to more image based content which is a great thing because a huge portion of the people who surf the web would rather have a visual aspect to the content they are searching then simply reading it. Statistics show that 80% of the content within the website is content that has been repined to their user boards, which means essentially most of the content goes viral within Pinterest.  I could see where Pinterest could influence the brand names of businesses people purchase based on whats posted to the internet for common use eg. someone posts a cool recipe on the website and another user clicks this they are then forwarded the recipe.   I’m still just a new user in the Pinterest world but based on the statistics and how much I’ve heard / experienced within the website I would like to say this is great!  Here is a link to the website so you can check it out yourself

Moving onward I would like to talk about Instagram. I am also new to this service since learning about it in this past week. When our professor introduced it to the class Instagram struck me as an amazing tool to connect with others and apply to business. Instagram is a purely mobile application, you cannot log on to it via a computer. Instagram allows the user to take pictures on their mobile devices and instantly share photos. I think this could be an asset to the businesses world wide no matter where they are situated.  For example this weekend while I was in Port Hope and watched the salmon run for those guides out there looking for hot spots it would have been an instantaneous advertisement had I been a guide service related business.  Businesses that use Instagram or are thinking about doing so are able to take pictures involving the product or service they are trying to sell/ support and share them with the public, in doing this no matter where they are, the company will still be able to keep the customer in the loop. Here is the link to Instagram’s website , they provide more info on their service and also a link to the app store to download the app Being new to this app I can’t think of any examples of businesses using this app however in time I plan to explore and find out!

Lastly I would like to talk about LinkedIn , our Smet class briefly introduced LinkedIn earlier on in the semester. LinkedIn is the professional version of Facebook. Basically users create an online professional profile of themselves or their businesses and share it with other colleagues or professionals within the site. Basically a bio of your past work history and future aspirations along with a copy of your current resume are inputted into your profile and then shared with anyone of your choosing. Also being new to this my experience comes from  another class “Skills for Success” we covered LinkedIn as a component to our final culminating activity. I can see businesses using this to further themselves in today’s active social media world.  LinkedIn not only is great for developing an online professional network of people but it also keeps an online copy of your resume just in case something happens. A great example of what can be done with LinkedIn that comes to mind is the Loyalist College Career Center and Loyalist Student Alumni groups they have created a network with both past students and current students allowing them to help students or graduated past students reach their goals. Here are the links to their groups ,

As always It has been a pleasure to keep you posted. Social media is very influential and can make or break anyone using it so be careful about what you post out there, you never know who could be reading it. I still consider myself a social media newbie and have lots to learn. However each of these tools I have mentioned above have  qualities that can be used to enhance a business. One of these alone could change the way you do business and combining them would create a powerhouse in itself.  In conclusion, I need to reaffirm  social media is growing and changes everyday.   If you are not into it already you are almost too far behind.  Old schooled business people may be in jeopardy.  Word of mouth is still important but is evolving constantly in the form of social media.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend as always looking forward to keeping you posted 🙂