Petpawsitive How You Can Positivly Influence Your Pets Behavior

This weekly assignment has me excited. Our class was given a fictitious business “Petpawsitive” with a scenario to go along with it.  You can find the scenario via this link to the SMET website  With this scenario our task was to develop a promotional plan and explain our thoughts on why we would go that direction supporting our view with videos. Creatively thinking there are many different angles I could take while promoting this business. We could go into behind the scenes and show how our trainers work with pets on a daily basis, or I could promote the services we offer. Let’s get creative! With that said,  I’m excited to see how it goes.

When reading this Scenario the first thing that comes to mind is the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan. However our trainers look to help owners with disobedient pets and rehabilitate them using positive reinforcement vs. the traditional assertive approach. In order to promote  and stimulate community involvement and faith in our service I would begin by organizing an all-day event within both communities. This event would be a fusion of dog training and a dog show anyone interested could take their pets in for a morning training session then go on to an amateur dog show in the afternoon allowing their own pets to showcase the end results of the sessions. We will post before and after videos on our website for those who give us permission to do so.  Check out this playlist of videos illustrating  our training style.

Taking this one step further we also offer pet seminars and group discussions with our trainers on how to make any behavior changes between any pet human combinations. At these seminars/group discussions our Trainers will have taught the necessary tools for any owner to turn their situation around. As well customers will be able to give any feedback they have on how positive the experience was or how negative it was and how they think we could improve. This serves as a way to connect the business to the community it serves and opens a direct line of communication.

Moving on, after gaining the faith of the community I would work on developing a personal touch to how the public perceives me by means of a humorous add.  My approach on doing this would be much like the Best Buy Christmas commercial from 2008 by adding humor to the message and showing customers that we care about providing the best possible service to them. The video would be filmed inside one of the two stores either in Belleville or Kingston and would cover a real situation. Of course before airing it we would ask the customers for permission. Here is a link to the Best Buy commercial referred to earlier

I’ve taken on this approach and direction for the company because it is not only constantly challenging the business to think more creatively and draw more and more customers in but also by getting the customers involved in discussions this opens the door for possible future expansions. Our positive reinforcement training is the technique of the future. Assertive aggressive styles are slowly being pushed away. Customers are more likely to come to us because they are assured their pet will be treated right and still the end result is the same if not better than the aggressive assertive style. I believe a combination of three different types of videos could be used to assist Petpawsitive and its promotion; Demonstration videos, Behind the Scenes videos, and creative marketing videos can be used to support the direction Petpawsitive is going in.

In conclusion I would like to say this assignment was more than just a blog it was a way to get in touch with the strategic and creative side of business. I understand now how important it is to involve the customer and pay attention to their feedback for future growth in a service related business. One has to be ready to look at alternative styles of service and this exercise provided me that. The videos were proof positive this style of training works. I will use this positive approach with my pets in the future. I encourage you to try this out as well if you also have a pet.

Hope you had a great weekend look forward to keeping you posted! See you next week.


Chapters Indigo Books and Facebook

Hello again, this class just keeps becoming more and more exciting with every passing day. This week in our  classes we talked about Facebook and how much it has grown in the past few years it has recently  reached  a billion registered  users.I don’t know about you but that is one crazy number! , back in 2007  joining Facebook I never would have guessed the number of users registered would even come close to 1 billion. Facebook has transformed tremendously over the past few years. I’m excited to see what they will come up with next!. This week I have given a great deal of thought on how Facebook could be effectively used within a business environment and have come across the Chapters Indigo Books Facebook page; Chapters  happens to be one of my favorite places to shop. naturally i was happy to see they were utilizing Facebook.

Chapters has an amazing layout for their Facebook page featuring the Chapters Indigo logo as one of the first things you see. within the page there are many different things to pay attention to so let me start by introducing the first feature that caught my eye. They have a neatly laid out photo section, where they have a collaboration of different events such as the arrival of The Casual Vacancy, advertising for free children’s gift wrapping  within stores, they have photos of different promotional items being displayed celebrating 300,000 likes on Facebook,  also promoting  the e-reader evolved. I think this is great from a customer stand point even for myself the photos keep me coming back and constantly checking for new information or promotional events, and those are just the main ones of interest for myself I would encourage anyone using Facebook to check this out.

Moving on the next feature I would like to turn your attention to would have to be the Indigo Fall section of their Facebook page here they have a very visual presentation of different ideas. At the top right hand corner they have Books, Home, Gift ideas, and Toys; this part of the site is very basic however is still a necessary component to making the Facebook page  user friendly. Looking down the page we have Pinterest where they have posted various images of food, and books offered as well as recipes for anyone following them to look at or pin to their own Pinterest account thus giving more exposure to the Indigo brand. Clicking on any of the images provided within their Facebook page will take the customer to either their Pinterest page or directly to the companies main website where you can buy books. Going further down the page you will find on the left side they have a YouTube feed with a video of Indigo’s chef Kari making a tomato soup recipe. However if you look to the right of the page you will find a twitter shout box and below it a blog roll these are probably the most important components to the page they allow the customers to connect directly with the company  and give them feedback on how they are doing and what they can change within their online Facebook page;  Finally at the bottom of the page you will find a subscribe button which allows the customer to take the tweet box and blog roll to the next level by being emailed further details on exciting new and important information.

The next section i would like to turn your attention to is very brief however just as important as the prior section. They call it adopt a school this has the same format at the top Home, Books, Toys, and Gift Ideas. Therefore I would like to bypass that and bring to your attention the importance of this section; they have made this a place on their page where a customer can buy an electronic gift card via the Internet and donate books to the school of choice. This may bring many more customers to their webpage just based on that fact alone there are many people myself included who love to give of themselves to improve others lives. To improve upon the feel of this webpage they have also included a YouTube video.

Finally they have the Indigo Ideas portion which is incredible. Indigo Ideas allows a customer to post an idea on how the company can improve the way they do business or the products they offer. This function keeps track of the thumbs up vs the thumbs down on an idea posted. This allows Indigo Books to look over Ideas and make a decision on them. Things they likely take into consideration are how realistic the idea is, and how many approvals vs disapproval’s the idea has received. I think this is both good for Indigo Books and its customers; the customers are able to voice their opinions directly, and Indigo books benefits from public perception.

I myself have been a long time customer at Chapters Indigo Books and can honestly say I have been pleased with them. I like the way they continue to set the bar high and exceed even their own expectations; If nothing else I would like to think this blog has helped others share my outlook on Indigo Books.  In conclusion I would like to say this Facebook page has been done vary well and is very beneficial to customers who look at it.

I look forward to keeping you posted everyone…hope your having a great long weekend!

Twitter’s Potential

This weeks blog assignment happens to be my favorite thus far. We were assigned the same format for this weeks blog however this time instead of writing on how a business uses it’s blog , we are writing about how a business or a brand uses twitter, and what we would like to see different if anything. I am happy to say for any of you Supernatural fans that maybe reading this my topic was the Supernatural t.v show. I am very excited to be writing about them I hope you are as excited to read it as i am writing it. Supernatural has many different fan based twitter accounts promoting their show and one official page , I will be talking about the official page as it follows the criteria given to us for this assignment.

So let me begin with the CW twitter page, @CW_Supernatural within their Twitter i believe they have been able to maximize twitters potential or at least come close to it. They post very frequently, anytime there is Supernatural news or events happening us twitter users are always kept in the loop. There is a big hype for season 8 so naturally they have kept us in suspense  as much as possible providing several links to pictures and trailer clips, each time I watch one I personally get more and more excited and anxious for the new season as are many other huge fans I’m sure, based on the clips they have posted I think this might be the final season of the series as they talk about sealing off the gates of hell permanently and banishing all the demons on earth back to where they came from.

After doing further research on Twitter the only Twitter account that is officially the t.v shows and not a fan page is the one i have listed above, however the fan pages are still just as informative for the most part. I find each of the twitter accounts i visited still supplied the same messages, trailers , premiere pictures, and events happening within the Supernatural world. I encourage you to check out the twitter page for Supernatural and come back to me with a comment on wither or not you agree or disagree with what I have said.In my oppinion the way@CW_ Supernatural uses Twitter is a prime example of the greatness one can achieve when using it. Twitter is a way for them to connect with fans, and  in using twitter they can now communicate with anyone following their page and provide them with inside details on what is going on now and what is to come. I like the way they designed their Twitter account from a visual prospective it draws anyone in that maybe curious and want find out what Supernatural is all about if they hadn’t already heard.  However there was one downfall to their page they did not have enough conversation going on it was just what  they were posting, I feel if they could have that aspect of it they would have a home run.

Thank you for taking the time to read this have a nice day…looking forward to my next post

Blogs and the Power to Influence Customers

I have been assigned to research how a  business of my choice  uses blogging and how effective the blog really is in my opinion so here goes. I will try and keep this entry shorter then the last . I would like to talk about the Best Buy Geek Squad and their blog. The Geek Squad uses their blog to mostly inform the users of interesting information about products they sell, new virus information, and places they are going or have been.

The Best Buy Geek Squad uses this blog effectively in my opinion. The content posted is not only very informative but also very user friendly; they have archives and recent posts to the right as well as links to other tech sites. This blog also has  a wide range of posts from coverage in London for the 2012 Olympics , moving up to back to school , and finally the most recent post talking about a new virus that has been around the web , if your into technology and protecting your computer i would recommend this blog as a source of information.

Further proof that this blog is used effectively and efficiently is the ability for the viewer to post comments under any topic they have posted about and have discussions on them. The Geek Squad blog also has many contributors to it as well so you can bet that at times there will be diverse content; The visual aspect of this blog couldn’t be any better it is very appealing to both new viewers and older viewers returning to the blog , they not only have a very colorful blog page but they also have the Geek Squad logo right at the very top. In conclusion I would like to say once again this blog is done very well and is very user friendly. Here is the link to their blog,  feel free to check it out for yourselves and give me your thoughts on what I have written.

Until next time… I look forward to keeping you posted have a nice day

Social Media and its Influence

Hello everyone! As stated in the About section of my blog , I am a first time blogger so bear with me as I get to know the in’s and out’s of writing a blog, I promise my blog will become better as i go .

Once again, my name is William Potter I am a first year Business Administration student at Loyalist College. This blog is a part of my Social Media and Emerging Technologies (SMET) component to the course. Business always gets me eager to learn and pumped to start each day. Social media is a big part of my life, as I frequently use one or more social media tools a day and always like to learn about new applications and tools. Social media ranges vastly, but there are a few main websites that immediately come to mind. Most people regularly use Facebook, YouTube, Skype , Windows live messenger , Twitter, G mail. The list could go on forever, but these are the main websites that come to mind. I myself am a big Facebook , YouTube and Skype user. However, since owning an Android phone, I have started using G mail and other Google tools. Even so, that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what can be done or has been done with social media. Some people still don’t use social media; however, these sites have grown over the past few years and don’t show any signs of letting up. Take Facebook and Wikipedia for instance. In this video, it says, “If Facebook were to be a country, it would be the third largest country in the world.” Also: “Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the US.” Something else stated in the video I thought was cool, “If Wikipedia were to be made into a book, it would take the average reader 123 years to read it.” So, like it or not, social media is becoming a big part of day-to-day life.

Going into this class, I found myself thinking that social media was mainly websites like Facebook, My Space, You Tube , and Instant messengers. How quickly my outlook on social media changed, even within the first twenty minutes of class. I was shocked to hear about how many different social media tools there are that I had never even heard of before. The things you can do with them are simply amazing. To be honest, I think every business should be connected into social media. I’ll give you a scenario: if you started a shop that repaired cars and you didn’t quite finish or did a poor job, this customer has just tweeted it and now there is a conversation online about your business and its poor service. If you’re not plugged into social media, then you’re not able to defend yourself and your company’s image suffers. So don’t be shy, because social media is a great thing.

This blog will continue to have my assignments within the class, my reflections, and any interesting information / links I find throughout the web. I cannot force anyone to participate in social media; however I can stress the importance of having an online identity , and the ability to bring your customer service to the next level. My goal is to take the most possible knowledge out of this class and apply the skills into making an online brand of myself. Not only for future opportunities, but also to stay on top of social media covering topics I know and care about. In conclusion, I would like to be able to face any situation that comes my way. Whether it be in social media or not, always providing satisfaction to the customers needs.

Have a great day… looking forward to keeping you posted