Who Should Write the Company Blog and Why

Interesting read, I completely agree with this.

Anna Rydne Communicate (your) Skills

Have you and your company come to the conclusion that you should have a business blog? If so, congratulations! You’ve come a long way already in your attempt to connect to and attract new customers. But still, there are some important things you must consider before launching the blog. One of the first things you need to decide is who should write it.

The first solution that pops to your mind may be the marketing department, right?! Sure, in the best of worlds you have some talented comms people who also have a lot of time to set aside for this project. Or maybe you should hire someone outside the company to do it? That could perhaps be your solution. But also perhaps not.

Again, I scanned the web for credible people having a say on this matter. Check out what Stanford SmithTed RubinEuan Semple and 

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