About Me

Hello, my name is William Potter this is my very first online blog . Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m originally from Cold Lake Alberta. I am 20 years old, and I’m a first year Business Administration student at Loyalist College here in Belleville Ontario. This is the second time I’ve gone to college; the first time I did plumbing, but it just wasn’t for me. However, business gets me excited to learn and isn’t that what its all about? .

I have done a lot of traveling across Canada, I hope to go back to my hometown someday in the future . I’m looking forward to becoming involved in as many volunteer programs as possible at Loyalist college during my time here. I bowl on a team and have for 6 years now. Although six years seems like a long time to be doing something like that, it is well worth it for me, I have come a long way since I first started and put a tremendous amount of effort into it. Just like everything else, effort in is effort out. Something I take a huge amount of pride in is positive attitude and great work ethic. I always leave a place the same way I came in, and that’s always important to me.

I’m very excited to open new doors and see what new possibilities can occur. This blog is part of my class mark and is worth a big part of my overall grade. You can find my assignments and reflections on social media via the home page of my blog.


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