Week 10 Social Media Plan

Hello fellow readers,  I’m back again and as usual we were given an assignment for this weeks class.  The task has a similar feel to the Petpawsitive assignment.  Our professor assigned a fictitious business called  Extreme Promotional Materials which in the scenario given is a service based business providing specialization in personalized logos and knickknacks, team jerseys, pens, and lettering’s.  EPM has been in business for 15 years and employs 20 people serving the small to medium sized businesses across south eastern Ontario. Keep in mind they are always looking to expand into bigger and better markets.

Introduction to EPM social media plan:

A social media plan could be beneficial for Extreme Promotional Materials to expand our network. Essentially a social media plan could help provide the necessary details to effectively determine the proper means or right tools for use. A social media plan could also be used as a road map or a guide for anyone to read and accomplish what it is you wish to get done. Below are more specific details of our social media plan.  This social media plan will take our company to the next level and it will certainly increase supply and demand, customer base, and sales.  Listed below are more specific details on how we wish to accomplish this.

Mission, Vision, and Goals for the Future:

Extreme Promotional Materials  will accept nothing less than to provide excellence for our customers. We will continue to strive to provide the best possible products across a social network of potential customers. Social media will connect us to many more customers resulting in an increase of sales and a larger client base thus leading to future growth.

–          Social media will serve as a connector to Global markets and assist in our future expansions.

–          More sports teams and businesses will know of us and what we do.

–          Social media will help the company to reach a new level of customer satisfaction and competition with our competitors.

Key Messages Sent Across:

We are a company that provides quality promotional uniforms and knickknacks for sports teams and small to medium sized businesses.  We specialize in team uniforms, lettering’s and logos.

–          At Extreme Promotional Materials the customer’s needs always come first.

–          Our uniform designs are unique and specific to the customers needs who ordered them.

–          Every product produced is one hundred percent custom made and tailored to the customers needs.

Target Audiences:

With social media the target we wish to acquire is much larger.  We hope to stretch our reach to larger businesses world wide and quite possibly to the major sports teams and networks.  Social media will help achieve this relatively quickly while still maintaining our current customer base.  Social media could very well assist in providing more convenient services to our existing customers.
Social Media Tools Used:

There are three tools I can see our business using clearly and effectively to accomplish our goal of expansion and they are as follows: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Below is a list of how each will benefit our company both in the long run and short term.  For each tool provided we would need to have a minimum team of two or three to oversee its day to day operations while staying on top of what the customers needs.

Facebook could be used as a communication portal between our customers directly to our company.  Facebook is known for commenting and posting new content but also has a feature known as timeline that could be handy for our future customers looking to do a little research into the products and services we provide, they would be able to look right back to the first day we owned the page.

Twitter would be our tool to get quick updates to any followers and potential customers keeping in mind customers like interactions not just broadcasting updates.  Our twitter page could link into the proposed Facebook page thus increasing the traffic back and forth between customers getting in the loop and customers already there that wish to provide us with feedback.

Instagram- Instagram could become very useful to draw new customers in while still having the ability to link to both Facebook and Twitter feeds as an ideal tool to complete the package. Instagram would be used solely as a showcase too and with the customers permission we could use our favorite or best quality products as an example by taking pictures of what we are doing with them and posting them there.  Customers would then be able to see an extensive view of what we are and what we stand for by example.

Social Media Engagement Strategy:

As stated above the three tools chosen for our business are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and each tool serves a unique purpose towards realizing our company’s long term goals.  Combined each of the three tools chosen would represent a powerhouse team for EPM.

Facebook is the ground zero that would bind our social media presence.  Its role is simple  as Facebook will be the communication hub between our company and its customers allowing them to post comments about what they think and any suggestions they may have for improvements.  Facebook and its timeline feature would prove especially useful when future customers want  more information about us and how others have thought about the quality of work we provide.  With timeline they can go back right to the very start and view our first post right up to the most recent one.  Facebook posts would be a daily monitoring of  any comments our customers may have.  Our target audience would be the older generation, and business owners.

Twitter is stage two for our social media plan. With Twitter our company will be able to broadcast company updates instantly and stay on top of what customers have to say good and bad in real time.  Keeping in mind customers love communication and although Facebook is our communication hub we will have to leave that line of communication open as well.  The way we accommodate this is simple we add our Facebook page as the website in our twitter account bio.  Twitter is a little different then Facebook to accommodate we will need to post almost hourly in order to keep up with users tweeting on twitter.  Twitter will become our own mini broadcast essentially sending out the necessary posts or tweets to generate interest, posting things such as events within the community, new product lines, company news in general, and re tweets of information supporting our company or what customers have said about it.  Target audience for Twitter is the younger generation and sports teams.

Thirdly Instagram completes the super team.  Instagram would become the primary showcase part of our products. Customers using this tool would gain access to all pictures we have taken to support our product.  Focusing only on visual our customers would gain insight to our day to day operations.  Instagram’s target audience is a bit of everyone and we will be looking into younger and older generations, the small, medium and large businesses, local, provincial and national sports teams and schools.  Instagram requires time and effort and  it cannot be just a once a week deal post for this tool to work.  We will have to post daily with newer and more exciting content.

In order for these tools to work for us they demand time and effort.  Once committed we will be setting a precedence and an expectation from our customers that we cannot ignore.  Consistency through these platforms is essential for the benefits to be enormous.


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