Petpawsitive How You Can Positivly Influence Your Pets Behavior

This weekly assignment has me excited. Our class was given a fictitious business “Petpawsitive” with a scenario to go along with it.  You can find the scenario via this link to the SMET website  With this scenario our task was to develop a promotional plan and explain our thoughts on why we would go that direction supporting our view with videos. Creatively thinking there are many different angles I could take while promoting this business. We could go into behind the scenes and show how our trainers work with pets on a daily basis, or I could promote the services we offer. Let’s get creative! With that said,  I’m excited to see how it goes.

When reading this Scenario the first thing that comes to mind is the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan. However our trainers look to help owners with disobedient pets and rehabilitate them using positive reinforcement vs. the traditional assertive approach. In order to promote  and stimulate community involvement and faith in our service I would begin by organizing an all-day event within both communities. This event would be a fusion of dog training and a dog show anyone interested could take their pets in for a morning training session then go on to an amateur dog show in the afternoon allowing their own pets to showcase the end results of the sessions. We will post before and after videos on our website for those who give us permission to do so.  Check out this playlist of videos illustrating  our training style.

Taking this one step further we also offer pet seminars and group discussions with our trainers on how to make any behavior changes between any pet human combinations. At these seminars/group discussions our Trainers will have taught the necessary tools for any owner to turn their situation around. As well customers will be able to give any feedback they have on how positive the experience was or how negative it was and how they think we could improve. This serves as a way to connect the business to the community it serves and opens a direct line of communication.

Moving on, after gaining the faith of the community I would work on developing a personal touch to how the public perceives me by means of a humorous add.  My approach on doing this would be much like the Best Buy Christmas commercial from 2008 by adding humor to the message and showing customers that we care about providing the best possible service to them. The video would be filmed inside one of the two stores either in Belleville or Kingston and would cover a real situation. Of course before airing it we would ask the customers for permission. Here is a link to the Best Buy commercial referred to earlier

I’ve taken on this approach and direction for the company because it is not only constantly challenging the business to think more creatively and draw more and more customers in but also by getting the customers involved in discussions this opens the door for possible future expansions. Our positive reinforcement training is the technique of the future. Assertive aggressive styles are slowly being pushed away. Customers are more likely to come to us because they are assured their pet will be treated right and still the end result is the same if not better than the aggressive assertive style. I believe a combination of three different types of videos could be used to assist Petpawsitive and its promotion; Demonstration videos, Behind the Scenes videos, and creative marketing videos can be used to support the direction Petpawsitive is going in.

In conclusion I would like to say this assignment was more than just a blog it was a way to get in touch with the strategic and creative side of business. I understand now how important it is to involve the customer and pay attention to their feedback for future growth in a service related business. One has to be ready to look at alternative styles of service and this exercise provided me that. The videos were proof positive this style of training works. I will use this positive approach with my pets in the future. I encourage you to try this out as well if you also have a pet.

Hope you had a great weekend look forward to keeping you posted! See you next week.


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