Chapters Indigo Books and Facebook

Hello again, this class just keeps becoming more and more exciting with every passing day. This week in our  classes we talked about Facebook and how much it has grown in the past few years it has recently  reached  a billion registered  users.I don’t know about you but that is one crazy number! , back in 2007  joining Facebook I never would have guessed the number of users registered would even come close to 1 billion. Facebook has transformed tremendously over the past few years. I’m excited to see what they will come up with next!. This week I have given a great deal of thought on how Facebook could be effectively used within a business environment and have come across the Chapters Indigo Books Facebook page; Chapters  happens to be one of my favorite places to shop. naturally i was happy to see they were utilizing Facebook.

Chapters has an amazing layout for their Facebook page featuring the Chapters Indigo logo as one of the first things you see. within the page there are many different things to pay attention to so let me start by introducing the first feature that caught my eye. They have a neatly laid out photo section, where they have a collaboration of different events such as the arrival of The Casual Vacancy, advertising for free children’s gift wrapping  within stores, they have photos of different promotional items being displayed celebrating 300,000 likes on Facebook,  also promoting  the e-reader evolved. I think this is great from a customer stand point even for myself the photos keep me coming back and constantly checking for new information or promotional events, and those are just the main ones of interest for myself I would encourage anyone using Facebook to check this out.

Moving on the next feature I would like to turn your attention to would have to be the Indigo Fall section of their Facebook page here they have a very visual presentation of different ideas. At the top right hand corner they have Books, Home, Gift ideas, and Toys; this part of the site is very basic however is still a necessary component to making the Facebook page  user friendly. Looking down the page we have Pinterest where they have posted various images of food, and books offered as well as recipes for anyone following them to look at or pin to their own Pinterest account thus giving more exposure to the Indigo brand. Clicking on any of the images provided within their Facebook page will take the customer to either their Pinterest page or directly to the companies main website where you can buy books. Going further down the page you will find on the left side they have a YouTube feed with a video of Indigo’s chef Kari making a tomato soup recipe. However if you look to the right of the page you will find a twitter shout box and below it a blog roll these are probably the most important components to the page they allow the customers to connect directly with the company  and give them feedback on how they are doing and what they can change within their online Facebook page;  Finally at the bottom of the page you will find a subscribe button which allows the customer to take the tweet box and blog roll to the next level by being emailed further details on exciting new and important information.

The next section i would like to turn your attention to is very brief however just as important as the prior section. They call it adopt a school this has the same format at the top Home, Books, Toys, and Gift Ideas. Therefore I would like to bypass that and bring to your attention the importance of this section; they have made this a place on their page where a customer can buy an electronic gift card via the Internet and donate books to the school of choice. This may bring many more customers to their webpage just based on that fact alone there are many people myself included who love to give of themselves to improve others lives. To improve upon the feel of this webpage they have also included a YouTube video.

Finally they have the Indigo Ideas portion which is incredible. Indigo Ideas allows a customer to post an idea on how the company can improve the way they do business or the products they offer. This function keeps track of the thumbs up vs the thumbs down on an idea posted. This allows Indigo Books to look over Ideas and make a decision on them. Things they likely take into consideration are how realistic the idea is, and how many approvals vs disapproval’s the idea has received. I think this is both good for Indigo Books and its customers; the customers are able to voice their opinions directly, and Indigo books benefits from public perception.

I myself have been a long time customer at Chapters Indigo Books and can honestly say I have been pleased with them. I like the way they continue to set the bar high and exceed even their own expectations; If nothing else I would like to think this blog has helped others share my outlook on Indigo Books.  In conclusion I would like to say this Facebook page has been done vary well and is very beneficial to customers who look at it.

I look forward to keeping you posted everyone…hope your having a great long weekend!


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