Twitter’s Potential

This weeks blog assignment happens to be my favorite thus far. We were assigned the same format for this weeks blog however this time instead of writing on how a business uses it’s blog , we are writing about how a business or a brand uses twitter, and what we would like to see different if anything. I am happy to say for any of you Supernatural fans that maybe reading this my topic was the Supernatural t.v show. I am very excited to be writing about them I hope you are as excited to read it as i am writing it. Supernatural has many different fan based twitter accounts promoting their show and one official page , I will be talking about the official page as it follows the criteria given to us for this assignment.

So let me begin with the CW twitter page, @CW_Supernatural within their Twitter i believe they have been able to maximize twitters potential or at least come close to it. They post very frequently, anytime there is Supernatural news or events happening us twitter users are always kept in the loop. There is a big hype for season 8 so naturally they have kept us in suspense  as much as possible providing several links to pictures and trailer clips, each time I watch one I personally get more and more excited and anxious for the new season as are many other huge fans I’m sure, based on the clips they have posted I think this might be the final season of the series as they talk about sealing off the gates of hell permanently and banishing all the demons on earth back to where they came from.

After doing further research on Twitter the only Twitter account that is officially the t.v shows and not a fan page is the one i have listed above, however the fan pages are still just as informative for the most part. I find each of the twitter accounts i visited still supplied the same messages, trailers , premiere pictures, and events happening within the Supernatural world. I encourage you to check out the twitter page for Supernatural and come back to me with a comment on wither or not you agree or disagree with what I have said.In my oppinion the way@CW_ Supernatural uses Twitter is a prime example of the greatness one can achieve when using it. Twitter is a way for them to connect with fans, and  in using twitter they can now communicate with anyone following their page and provide them with inside details on what is going on now and what is to come. I like the way they designed their Twitter account from a visual prospective it draws anyone in that maybe curious and want find out what Supernatural is all about if they hadn’t already heard.  However there was one downfall to their page they did not have enough conversation going on it was just what  they were posting, I feel if they could have that aspect of it they would have a home run.

Thank you for taking the time to read this have a nice day…looking forward to my next post


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