Blogs and the Power to Influence Customers

I have been assigned to research how a  business of my choice  uses blogging and how effective the blog really is in my opinion so here goes. I will try and keep this entry shorter then the last . I would like to talk about the Best Buy Geek Squad and their blog. The Geek Squad uses their blog to mostly inform the users of interesting information about products they sell, new virus information, and places they are going or have been.

The Best Buy Geek Squad uses this blog effectively in my opinion. The content posted is not only very informative but also very user friendly; they have archives and recent posts to the right as well as links to other tech sites. This blog also has  a wide range of posts from coverage in London for the 2012 Olympics , moving up to back to school , and finally the most recent post talking about a new virus that has been around the web , if your into technology and protecting your computer i would recommend this blog as a source of information.

Further proof that this blog is used effectively and efficiently is the ability for the viewer to post comments under any topic they have posted about and have discussions on them. The Geek Squad blog also has many contributors to it as well so you can bet that at times there will be diverse content; The visual aspect of this blog couldn’t be any better it is very appealing to both new viewers and older viewers returning to the blog , they not only have a very colorful blog page but they also have the Geek Squad logo right at the very top. In conclusion I would like to say once again this blog is done very well and is very user friendly. Here is the link to their blog,  feel free to check it out for yourselves and give me your thoughts on what I have written.

Until next time… I look forward to keeping you posted have a nice day


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